Plastic vacuum formed trays can be as simple as a single well (Cavity) to hold the contents surrounded by a square frame, to having multiple cavities surrounded by a perimeter in any geometric shape, i.e., square, rectangle, polygon round etc. These cavities can be designed with form fitting features to tightly contain a product. Trays most always have flat "lip" which surrounds the entire tray, this is known as the "flange" Trays can also have matching form fit cover to keep the contents in and the environment out or be sealed with a thin lid stock seal film like Tyvek film, Mylar plastic film. metal foils, etc., depending on the properties desired. These seals can be destructible or easily pealable in function.

Plastic trays can be clear, colored, glossy, matte finish, flocked (Velvet), anti static coated or combinations of these options.

The plastic tray can have a simple flat flange (Rim) or a return flange, which can go all the way back down as far as the depth of the inner cavity or past it around the entire perimeter. The full skirt flange is usually used on Point of purchase (POP) displays and as inserts for platform shippers.

Plastic trays can have additional features such as drain holes in the bottom, additional removable thermoformed insert trays inside of it or just about anything one can think of or have a need for.

Plastic trays are used to hold products of both solids and liquids, protect the contents from damage, or organize and arrange a product for robotic handling or human picking and placing. The tray can be made from various polymers (plastics) to take advantage of each ones respective properties. The thermoformed tray is one of the most common and versitile products we design and produce at Pro-Form Packaging.

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